TuffTrak XT is an extreme, heavy duty access mat designed for heavy tracked and tired equipment and the most challenging ground conditions. The EXTRA TOUGH 8” interlocking overlaps with hybrid corners are solid and are highly durable, which virtually eliminates broken corners. The easy interlocking design and cam lock connectors system make them perfect for work areas in heavy plant and machinery facilities, drilling rigs, depots, or storage areas.

The incredibly durable, 3.5″ thick, two-piece and foam-filled access mats are lighter weight than the competition, allowing you to load out more mats per truck and reduce transportation costs.

TuffTrak XT Overlapping Access Mats are designed to remain rigid and not conform to the subsurface. The internal closed cell foam prevents water penetration and helps make the mats buoyant, perfect for wetlands, marshlands, peat bogs, and river deltas.

  • 770 lbs. per mat, 25% lighter than competitor access matting.
  • Access mat dimensions are 13’5″ x 6’8″ x 3.54″ thick. Nearly 70 sft2 of useable surface area.
  • HMW Polyethylene material allows for a 600 psi compressive load capacity.
  • Closed-cell foam prevents water penetration which prevents mats from becoming heavy or failure due to freezing and thawing.
  • Mats install and connect quickly and easily with the camlock system.
  • Interlocking connection points on all four sides allow you to create working platforms.
  • Hybrid corners made from solid HMW resist breaking and cracking.
  • Transport 50-55 mats per truck.
  • Connector Holes. (5) on the long side, (2) on the short side.
  • Unique chevron traction surface nub design provides maximum grip.


See TuffTrak® XT Access Mats put through a series of extreme testing trials with impressive results.


Extreme Performance

TuffTrak XT Mats are ideal for heavy tracked vehicles and poor ground conditions including boggy, marshy or wet ground. The foam filled cellular core construction of TuffTrak XT Mats helps prevent water and contaminate intake if the access mats are punctured.

Hybrid Corners

TuffTrak XT mats have a cellular foam-filled center sections, but theirs are built using solid HMW material for extra strength.

Mat Overlaps

TuffTrak XT mats have hybrid overlap edges with 5 connector points on each long side and 2 per short ends. Coupled with patented 4/3 can connectors, TuffTrak XT mats create interconnected heavy duty access roads and working pad construction.

Camlock Connectors

TuffTrak XT Mats can be connected  quickly and efficiently using their unique 4/3 camlock connector system. The more severe your ground conditons the more connectors you need. The cam lock system also helps keep dirt & mud below the mat for a cleaner working surface.

TuffTrak XT

Hydraulic Mobile Cranes, All-Terrain Cranes, Self Erecting Tower Cranes, Concrete Pump Trucks, Larger Aerial Lifts,  Digger Derricks and More.

Typical Use:
Heavy construction, rig pads, fracking, oil & gas, civil engineering, military sites,  utility maintenance, biosolids distribution, solar farms, winds farms, transmission, film work, sporting & leisure events.

3.5″ inchTTXT13.5″ x 6.8″770Melon
(Black no longer available)

Cam Connector

These connectors are great as they can be “kicked” into place and then locked by turning 1/8 of a turn with an easy to use hand tool. They are large and can be easily worked, even with gloves.

Built with a stainless steel core and one piece molded polymer for strenth and durability.

1.9″ inchTTXT-4-3-CAM3.54″ x 4.3″2.5Melon
(Black no longer available)
N/ATTXT-TBar3′ Long6.6Grey


Give us 30 days and we’ll give you 100% of your money back if our products aren’t fit to your specs, performing as promised or convincing you they’re the safest option out there.

We’re using your ground protection mats on our first project. They’re easier to move with the hands-hooks, no strain. Before it took a lot of effort moving plywood, as a lot of the time it was water soaked.

The mats stayed in place and don’t fall apart like plywood. The white mats do seem to help with keeping the heat down under the mats. I am not sure how many thousands of dollars we spent on plywood, but the mats have paid for themselves already!

The guys love your mats. They sure do help out when they need to get off the road and not have to worry about getting stuck.

It has been a very wet March with the snow melting and the rain setting in. With these ground protection mats we are doing things that we would definitely not be doing without them this time of year. Money well spent!

We have been using these ground protection mats non-stop! They’re continually being battered and banged around and not one time have they failed to do the job! Thank you for getting us set up with such a superior product.


Access mat help is one click or call away.


Standard delivery time is 4-6 weeks. Please contact us at 800-610-3422 for a specific ground protection mat delivery estimate.

TuffTrak XT access mat will be shipped as freight and require a forklift to unload. If a forklift is not available a lift gate can be pre-ordered for an additional fee.

Our mud mats for sale are 3.54″ thick.

Not at this time.

The smallest size begins at 24.5 lbs and the largest size weighs 86 lbs.

Yes, each TuffTrak XT overlapping access mat weighs 770 lbs. Mats are typically installed using a forklift.

Yes, you can build roads, storage areas and work platforms just to name a few.

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