Magnetic LiftGuard Beam & Plate Sling Protectors securely fit the flanges of an “I-Beam” or the edge of a steel plate and protect slings from damage caused by contact with edges, corners, or protrusions.

LiftGuard Units are magnetic which allows for easy and secure placement for riggers. All magnets are slightly recessed to prevent their damage and ensure a connection without scratching the load surface.

LiftGuard Beam & Plate Sling Protectors help ensure OSHA & ASME compliance:

  1. OSHA 1926.251(c)(9) Slings shall be padded or protected from the sharp edges of their loads.
  2. ASME B30.9 “Slings in contact with edges, corners, or protrusions should be protected with a material of sufficient strength, thickness, and construction to prevent damage to the sling.”
  • Eliminates sling damage.
  • Superior abrasion and wear resistance.
  • Magnetic – they stay where you put them.
  • Made from a non-metallic, High-Performance Cast Nylon.
  • Plate and I-beam protectors are heat stabilized to allow for safe operations at higher temperatures.
  • Patented design and Made in the USA.


Engineered Protection

Non-metallic, High-Performance Cast Nylon is engineered to provide compression strengths needed to withstand the concentrated high pressures. 

High Capacity

The Working Load Limit (WLL) is 12,500 lbs per inch of sling contact.  

OSHA and ASME Compliant

When used properly, LiftGuard products ensure the user will be in compliance with OSHA 1926.251(c)(9) and AMSE B30.9


High strength magnets hold the protects in place and are positioned so they do not damage painted surfaces.   

Beam & Plate Units

Slings & Load Type:
Ideal for use with synthetic slings.  They can be used with wire rope and chain slings. Designed specifically for use with horizontal edges such as I-beams and steel plates.  

Specific Use:

To protect slings from damage caused by direct contact with edges, corners or protrusions of loads being lifted.

Beam & Plate Units MUST fit snug, and all three interior surfaces of the plate and I-beam protector MUST be in full contact with the load. If the grooved unit does not fit snug, the edge of the I-beam or plate may create a point load. Point loading can exceed the materials capacity and cause the product to fail. 

  • (4) Beam & Plate Units are needed at each lift point of an I-Beam. 
  • (2) units on the bottom flange. 
  • (2) units on the top flange. 
  • (8) units are needed to pick I-Beams from (2) pick Points. 

Steel Plate: Groove size MUST match the plate thickness. Custom sizes are available for your specific needs. Beam & Plate units must be snug.  Improperly fit units will lead to point loading and potentially product failure. 

  • (4) total units are typically needed when lifting steel plates. 
  • (1) Beam & Plate unit is needed per contact point. 
(0.5″ Groove)

Overall Length: Equates to the total end to end length of a sling protector.
Safe Operating Zone: The useable area between the raised shoulders of the sling protector (see image below).
Width at Load: Sling Width Under Load.

o   Sling Total Contact Width: Round synthetic slings compress and flatten as the load is picked. Select your sling protector based on the Sling Width Under Load.

o   Caution – If your sling width under load is wider than the safe operating zone, the sling will point load. (see image below)

1” Sling Capacity: The maximum capacity per lineal inch of sling contact, ASSUMING the face of the sling protector (the portion in contact with the load) is in 100% contact on both the vertical and horizontal load surfaces.

Maximum Capacity: The total capacity of the individual sling protector, ASSUMING, the sling contact width does not exceed the safe operating area, AND the face of the sling protector is in 100% contact on both the vertical and horizontal surfaces.


Give us 30 days and we’ll give you 100% of your money back if our products aren’t fit to your specs, performing as promised or convincing you they’re the safest option out there.

We’re using your ground protection mats on our first project. They’re easier to move with the hands-hooks, no strain. Before it took a lot of effort moving plywood, as a lot of the time it was water soaked.

The mats stayed in place and don’t fall apart like plywood. The white mats do seem to help with keeping the heat down under the mats. I am not sure how many thousands of dollars we spent on plywood, but the mats have paid for themselves already!

The guys love your mats. They sure do help out when they need to get off the road and not have to worry about getting stuck.

It has been a very wet March with the snow melting and the rain setting in. With these ground protection mats we are doing things that we would definitely not be doing without them this time of year. Money well spent!

We have been using these ground protection mats non-stop! They’re continually being battered and banged around and not one time have they failed to do the job! Thank you for getting us set up with such a superior product.


Sling Protector sizing help is one click or call away.


DICA’s patented LiftGuard units are made from a non-metallic, High-Performance Cast Nylon (HPCN). HPCN is chemically engineered to provide the high compression strengths needed to withstand the high pressures generated in the lifting industry. LiftGuard HPCN provides superior abrasion and wear resistance critical to both sling protection and load protection. In addition to its high strength and stiffness properties, LiftGuard HPCN is heat stabilized to allow for safe operations at higher temperatures.

No, the magnets on all LiftGuard edge protectors are slightly recessed. This recess ensures a magnetic connection without direct contact that could scratch painted surfaces.

No, standard Lift Guard sling protectors will not float; they will sink.  The specific gravity of the material is less than 1. Adding LiftGuard Velcro straps is a solution to help prevent the sling protectors from falling into the water in the first place.

  • The capacity of LiftGuard Sling Protectors is 12,500 psi/in of sling contact or 12,500 psi of compression capacity.
  • A ¾” diameter wire rope sling will have a contact area of less than 1”.  This means the capacity of the sling protector will be less than 12,500 psi.
  • Capacity is calculated by multiplying 12,500 x the contact area of the sling. If the contact area of the wire rope sling is .5” then the resulting capacity would be 12,500 psi x .5 = 6.,250 psi.
  • The above direction is contingent upon having the vertical and horizontal edges of the sling protectors in 100% contact with the load, i.e., in full contact.
  • The above apply to all parts EXCEPT LiftGuard Groove Units. Groove unit capacity is calculated differently.
  • Wire Rope and Chain slings may damage Medium Duty sling protectors based on sling pressures and frequency of use.
  • LiftGuard Heavy Duty Sling Protectors are designed for use with all sling types but specifically designed for use when lifting heavy loads with wire rope, chain slings or frequent use of wire rope and chain slings.
  • When using wire rope or chain slings frequently or with higher loads, default to using Heavy Duty Sling Protectors.

Because LiftGuard Sling Protectors have a rounded surface, they are not affected by sling angle tension as long as the sling remains in full contact with the LiftGuard, and the horizontal and vertical surfaces of the LiftGuard remain in full contact with the load.

The approved operating temperature is -20 to 220 degrees Fahrenheit.

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DICA products are proudly Made in the USA, ASME B30.5 compliant and used by operators on all seven continents and 50+ countries around the world.


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