“Heavy-duty” and “easily maneuverable” are no longer opposites when it comes to ground protection and site access mats. With MaxiTrack, as few as two workers can install one of the strongest ground protection and access systems on the market — by hand.

MaxiTrack’s genius is in its unique interlocking flanged design. These 4” overlapping flanges give the 3’x6’x1” sheets stiffness and strength that rival much bigger mats, while keeping MaxiTrack lightweight and easy to handle. Better yet, the overlapping joints improve mud seepage protection and allow for expansion and contraction throughout the installation.

MaxiTrack is easy to deploy. Simply place the pads in position and bolt them together with the included hardware. That’s it. Your team can quickly deploy, move, or retrieve the system over varied terrain without the need for mechanical lifting.

Perfect for longer-term projects, high-volume temporary access roads, and multiple equipment types over difficult ground, MaxiTrack gives you the ability to use heavy-duty ground protection whenever and wherever you need it.

  • The most heavy-duty, easy-to-handle mats on the market
  • Ultra-strong Zetralene HDPE mats with overlapping 4” flanges
  • Backed by a 140 Ton Unbreakable Guarantee
  • 3’x6’ useable surface per mat
  • Mats are 1” thick and weigh 88 lbs
  • Includes standard bolts; smaller bolts are available for use over hard surfaces
  • Capacity up to 130 tons for tracked and wheeled equipment
  • One Year Warranty


Heavy Duty Strength

MaxiTrack’s unique overlapping flanges make them stronger and stiffer than typical mats. Made from high-tech Zetralene HDPE, the mats offer superior grip and a tough, reliable, dependable surface for all types of wheeled and tracked equipment.

Easy Maneuverability

Finally you can deploy heavy-duty ground protection and access mats without the need for secondary equipment. At 1” thick and weighing just 88 pounds, two workers can easily move MaxiTrack by hand and install it on all types of terrain.

Environmentally Friendly

Made of 100% recycled material, MaxiTrack is a truly green choice. With MaxiTrack you’ll also save on fuel and transport costs compared to using other temporary access solutions like larger heavy-duty mats or laying gravel roads.

Fast Installation

MaxiTrack is easy and quick to install. Just four workers can install over 1000 square feet of MaxiTrack in around an hour. Simply place the mats in position and then bolt them together to create a heavy-duty surface that works as a single unit.

MaxiTrack Interlocking Mats

Loaders, Lifts, Trucks & Trailers, Grapple Trucks, Mobile Cranes, Knuckle Boom Cranes

Great for tree care, landscaping, military, concrete pumping, crane & lifting, construction, oil & gas, Utilities, Cemetery

Typical Use:
Temporary roadways, equipment access points, rut prevention, temporary parking lots, mid-to-long term projects with higher traffic volumes, work platforms and staging areas

1″ inchMaxiTrack6’2″ x 3’3″88 Black

Position. Bolt.
Get to work.

Place by hand. Then, bolt them together using an impact drill or the custom T-wrench. With MaxiTrack, deploying heavy-duty ground protection is just that simple.

MaxiTrack comes with standard-length 17mm bolts. Optional shorter bolts are available for use over hard surfaces. The custom skids hold up to 25 mats for easy installation and storage.


Give us 30 days and we’ll give you 100% of your money back if our products aren’t fit to your specs, performing as promised or convincing you they’re the safest option out there.

We’re using your ground protection mats on our first project. They’re easier to move with the hands-hooks, no strain. Before it took a lot of effort moving plywood, as a lot of the time it was water soaked.

The mats stayed in place and don’t fall apart like plywood. The white mats do seem to help with keeping the heat down under the mats. I am not sure how many thousands of dollars we spent on plywood, but the mats have paid for themselves already!

The guys love your mats. They sure do help out when they need to get off the road and not have to worry about getting stuck.

It has been a very wet March with the snow melting and the rain setting in. With these ground protection mats we are doing things that we would definitely not be doing without them this time of year. Money well spent!

We have been using these ground protection mats non-stop! They’re continually being battered and banged around and not one time have they failed to do the job! Thank you for getting us set up with such a superior product.


Access mat help is one click or call away.


Standard delivery time is 4-6 weeks. Please contact us at 800-610-3422 for a specific delivery estimate.

Your mats will be shipped as freight and require a forklift to unload. If a forklift is not available a lift gate can be pre-ordered for an additional fee.

MaxiTrack Mats are 1″ thick.

Not at this time.

Each MaxTrack access mat weighs 88 lbs.

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