Steel Crane Pads

Steel crane pads have been a mainstay in the crane industry for years.

They’re a proven performer, have high strength properties and are a known product in the crane industry.  The primary drawback of steel mats has always been weight. Simply put, steel crane mats and outrigger pads are heavy and they often end up being a “third wheel” or better put an extra truck, trailer and employee. This adds significant costs to your operations over the life of every set of steel crane pads. Costs that must be accounted for in your expenses, passed on to your customer or absorbed by your company.

Steel crane pads weigh significantly more than FiberMax Crane Pads.

How much more? Steel crane mats and outrigger pads can weigh more than double compared to FiberMax® Crane Pads. How much difference does that make? Since being introduced into the market in 2014, users of FiberMax Crane Pads consistently report being able to eliminate 1 truck, trailer, and employee per job. On jobs 50 miles or less, that’s typically a $500 savings each way. For jobs that extend thousands of miles away, users have reported saving $5,000 each way.

These results provide two major benefits to companies who use FiberMax Crane Pads vs. steel crane pads.  First, the simplified mobilization process results in immediate job cost reduction, which improves profitability. Secondly, lower transportation costs and quicker set-up and tear down leads can lead to lower bids and more jobs.

The transportation, set-up and tear down savings over time allows FiberMax Crane Pads to effectively pay for themselves and generate ROI for you. Althought the initial investment may be slightly higher than for steel crane pads, the operational cost savins over just a few years of use can be thousands of dollars.

Are FiberMax Crane Pads as strong as steel crane pads?

FiberMax Crane Pads perform like steel crane mats and outrigger pads due to DICA’s engineered design. The combination of an internal bi-directional  sheer web design and a fiberglass laminate surface results in a mat with incredible strength and rigidity. This strength has been proven through extensive physical testing, FEA modeling and field use.

Are you ready to start saving on your transportation costs?

See the following link to learn more about how FiberMax® Crane Pads will outperform steel crane mats and outrigger pads by improving your bottom line and streamlining your mobilization process.

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