Stop delaying work because its wet or getting stuck and creating ugly ruts. Stop throwing away time and money with plywood that only warps, splinters, and delaminates.

Start getting jobs done on-time, leaving yards looking great, and making customers even more happy.

AlturnaMATS are the #1 most trusted ground protection mat on the market. They are the perfect solution to prevent ruts, stop getting stuck and having safe, solid and stable pathways for equipment and personnel.

AlturnaMATS are the strongest mats on the market. Compression molded from environmentally friendly recycled high-density polyethylene (HDPE), they are strong enough to support loads up to 120 tons. The aggressive cleated tread pattern maximizes grip for a wide variety of equipment. These ½” thick mats are durable enough to take everyday punishment but are lightweight enough to be easily moved by hand.

  • Made in the USA.
  • The #1 proven & trusted leader.
  • Limited lifetime warranty.
  • Durable, long last ground protection.
  • Will never rot, splinter, warp or break.
  • Multipe sizes & tread options to fit your exact need.
  • Load bearing capacity up to 120 tons.
  • Interlocking with available single and double links.


Ground Protection

AlturnaMATS protect the ground from rut damage caused by vehicle traffic over areas you want preserved. These highly effective grass and lawn protection mats also prevent equipment from becoming stuck and project delays due to soft ground.

Save Time & Money

Plywood splinters and breaks and is slippery when wet. AlturnaMATS Ground Protection Mats for heavy equipment eliminate plywood replacement costs, expensive turf repair and provide excellent traction.

Easy To Use

Turn-A-Links enable AlturnaMATS to be linked together and create secure roadways and working platforms. For single operator handling, Handi-hooks allow users to easily drag our plastic construction mats.

Aggressive Traction

AlturnaMATS feature an aggressive, cleated tread pattern on both sides for maximum equipment traction. Mats can also be ordered smooth on one side (S1) to allow the mats to easily slide on and off one another for storage.


Loaders, Aerial Lifts, Concrete Pumpers, Pick Up Trucks & Trailers, Mobile Cranes, All-Terrain Cranes, Digger Derricks and More up to 120 tons.

Typical Use:
Equipment roadways, access points, rut prevention, work platforms and staging areas.

½ InchAM484′ x 8′86Black/Clear
½ InchAM383′ x 8′65Black/Clear
½ InchAM363′ x 6′51Black/Clear
½ InchAM282′ x 8′43Black/Clear
½ InchAM262′ x 6′33Black/Clear
½ InchAM242′ x 4′22Black/Clear


Give us 30 days and we’ll give you 100% of your money back if our products aren’t fit to your specs, performing as promised or convincing you they’re the safest option out there.

Your ground protection mats work great! We used to buy plywood for this work, but AlturnaMATS work better and have saved us lots of money!

We love the performance and quality of your mats!

Your mats are great! We’ve been using your product for years and they are worth every penny.

These mats are awesome!

Your mats worked great! We used them to access an area surrounded by manicured turf and you can’t even tell now that we were out there! Without them, we would have had some nasty ruts!

We got your mats a few weeks back and used them this week – they worked great! We’re really pleased with their quality and how well they protect the ground.

Our mats we bought from you work amazing. We don’t use them everyday but when we need them they are priceless. ????


AlturnaMATS protect against vehicle traffic and feature a diamond plate tread design on both sides. VersaMATS feature a flat, slip-resistant tread design on one side and the AlturnaMATS diamond plate tread design on the opposite, allowing for combined foot traffic and equipment use.

3×8 and 4×8 ground protection mats are the most common. 3×8’s are easier to move while 4×8’s provide more coverage. If you have additional questions, please call us with and we can make a specific recommendation.

Standard delivery time is 4 weeks. Please contact us at 800-610-3422 for a specific ground protection mat delivery estimate.

Our yard mats for trucks will be shipped as freight and require a forklift to unload. If a forklift is not available a lift gate can be pre-ordered for a small additional fee.

Yes, all ground mats for heavy equipment can be ordered standard, smooth on one side or even smooth on both sides.

Yes, but be advised the equipment mats will be very slick in wet conditions and will have limited traction if used over elevation changes.

Yes, the VersaMATS product is designed with a flat, slip-resistant tread design on one side that is ideal for walking. The opposite side comes standard with the AlturnaMATS diamond plate tread or it can be ordered smooth (no traction).

Our mud mats for sale are 0.5″ thick.

Handholds do not come standard, but can be special ordered. Please contact us for details at 800-610-3422.

Our traction mats for heavy equipment are easiest to stack and remove if one side is smooth. This allows each mat to easily slide over each other.

Yes, if left for more than a few hours in the hot sun. Clear mats provide exceptional protection against turf burn.

Yes, clear (they look white) mud mats for heavy equipment, which are excellent at preventing turf burn.

No, doing so voids the warranty.

Yes, please see our warranty page.

Yes, Turn-A-Link fasteners are an accessory item. They make it possible to create more stable roadways or work platforms by securely linking the mats together.

The smallest size begins at 24.5 lbs and the largest size weighs 86 lbs.

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