Reliable engineered construction & tread options prevents equipment from getting stuck or creating ruts in soft soil conditions.

Temporary roadways, parking areas or work platforms are easily assembled using proprietary Turn-A-Link fasteners.

A rugged 0.5” recycled HDPE construction allows each heavy equipment mat to bend but never break, while supporting equipment up to 120 tons.

Eliminate recurring plywood replacement costs and expensive turf repair. AlturnaMATS delivers real savings to your bottom line.

AlturnaMATS Ground Protection Mats

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AlturnaMATS® ground protection mats virtually eliminate the chance of equipment becoming stuck or causing rut damage. Constructed of 0.5″ thick engineered high density plastic, AlturnaMATS are an ideal solution to the expensive problem of repairing ground surfaces or repeatedly replacing expensive plywood sheets. These lawn protection mats easily support up to 120 tons and can be linked together to build temporary roadways, walkways, work platforms or parking areas.  Plus, the lawn protection mats are available in black, white or NEW clear color options. Clear AlturnaMATS allow maximum UV penetration of the mat to support healthy turf growth and eliminate “burned” brown spots.

  • Black AlturnaMATS (4’x8’ and 3’x8’) are IN-STOCK NOW.
  • Made in the USA
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Do You Need AlturnaMATS or VersaMATS?

  • AlturnaMATS protect against vehicle traffic and feature a diamond plate tread design on both sides. These turf protection mats can be ordered standard (Std), smooth on one side (S1), or smooth on both sides (S2).
  • VersaMATS feature a flat, slip-resistant tread design on one side and the AlturnaMATS diamond plate tread design on the opposite, allowing for combined pedestrian and equipment use. VersaMATS can also be ordered standard (Std), or smooth one side (S1).
  • The one-sided traction option (S1) for AlturnaMATS and VersaMATS is ideal for crews wanting to prevent traction imprints or slide the mats easily on and off one another for storage.

3 Signs You Need AlturnaMATS Ground Protection Mats

Tired of upsetting customers and repairing ruts after the job? Eliminate those concerns with AlturnaMATS, the #1 ground protection mat in the world.

Ever gotten hopelessly stuck? AlturnaMATS is ​a ​professional solution that ​provides reliable traction and keeps you out of the mud.

Plywood is inexpensive the first time you buy it. But by the second and third time, you could have easily paid for AlturnaMATS​.

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