“This is the best money we’ve spent all year!” – Jim Mahan, Abilene Highlift Aerial

“They are the last pads I will ever buy unless I buy an additional crane. DICA’S PADS last forever.”
 – Dan Muffoletto

“The DICA crane mats are working great in our crane service fleet. The provide easy transport and storage onboard our cranes. Allows a quick set up in the busy West Philadelphia streets.” – James Cassalia, CMC Equipment Rental

I have been using the Linton sling protectors (now LiftGuard) for many years and always found them easy to use and always very efficient for protecting synthetic slings. I recommend them to everyone in our industry whenever the conversation of sling protection comes up. – Monty Chisolm, Rigging Superintendent and Crane and Rigging Operations Trainer

“In the fleet management world, performing a cost benefit analysis is essential when specifying any equipment. It is human nature to gravitate toward a lower cost product, which often does not result in the lowest “life cost”. We have looked at different outrigger pads over the years and the DICA products come out on top for most applications. If a proper cost benefit analysis is completed, including longevity, functionality and safety considerations, the lifetime pad that DICA produces is a no brainer.  – Mike Mosher, My Fleet Department

“We recently put into service two brand new 160 Ton Tadano RT’s and before doing so, I reached out to DICA to help me size the correct crane mats for these machines. Because of DICA’s fitting process and products, picking the type of crane mat I wanted was easy.” – Wesley Chellino

“The Safety Tech outrigger pads are working great. Customers at job sites are impressed with the quality of these pads.” – Dave Hartford, Brennan’s Crane Service Ltd.

“The customer service you receive from DICA is outstanding. They are always there to answer any question you have. We also use their SafetyTech Pads on some of our smaller cranes and the operators say they are outstanding. We will definitely be continuing our relationship with DICA.”  – Joe Estep, Connelly Crane Rental

“I honestly can say we now enjoy setting up my Manitex 1970c. No more looking for busted up plywood to place under delaminated wooden beams. It was really getting ugly. If you’re not using DICA outrigger pads, you need to give them a call. Your set up team will have more respect knowing that you made the best investment money can buy.” – Jeffery Spinelli, Cleveland Ohio

“To say the very least, we love them. Your outrigger pads have really been a welcome addition to our mobile crane fleet. The DICA pads continue to perform as expected and advertised. Great product and very happy to have purchased them, and it would take nothing short of an act of Congress to make me change my mind.” – Kenny Blanchard, CF Industries

“The DICA Safety Tech® outrigger pads are doing a great job for us. I’ve been trying to purchase these for quite some time. We have been using wood outrigger pads for years and they just do not last.” – CWO2 Cliff Williford, USMC

“As said about your outrigger pads, “indestructible”. We also love the great orange handles, no more ropes that keep breaking. DICA helps make our setup safe and eliminates damage to customer’s property.” – Mike Falk, Eagle West Cranes

“It’s a great outrigger pad product and I’ll say your name anytime anyone ever asks for a pad. It’s never let me down!” –Darin Fronabarger, Fronabarger Conveying & Concrete

“I’ve just been surprised that we can’t really destroy your outrigger pads. Cause, you give a lineman something, he’ll find you a way to destroy it!” – Howard Ennis FPL, Lead Foreman

“The lightweight, high quality material of the DICA Outrigger Pad is very impressive. Easy to setup and can withstand the rough terrain in Africa. They work great with the RT Mobile cranes.” –Kevin Schmid, Alistair Equipment Tanzania

“The DICA D1818 outrigger pad I ordered is holding up wonderfully. While the steel banded wood ones I ordered at the same time for another unit are already cracking and showing signs of wear. I am totally sold on DICA’s outrigger pad products! I am recommending them to anyone who will listen!” – Doug Rice, Davey Tree Experts

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