Engineered Outrigger Pads to Help You Setup Safe

Get Extreme Strength & Rigidity • Lower Your Pad Weight •  Protect Your Operators

“These pads are bulletproof!”

Scott Sutherland

Extreme Strength & Rigidity

Extreme Strength and Rigidity

FiberMax® Pads are engineered to provide maximum strength and rigidity for mobile cranes, hi-lift aerials and concrete pumpers. With crush ratings up to 600 psi and rated capacities of up to 250,000 lbs, FiberMax Pads are a cost-saving and high-performance solution when extreme rigidity is needed.

The Engineered Difference

FiberMax Outrigger Pads are built using Fiber Reinforced Polymer. FRP is a composite material used in vehicle bridge decks, rail platforms, and marine pilings. FiberMax Pads deliver the same strength, rigidity, and durability these applications require but in an easy to use 2-person carry stabilizer pad.

Support in Poor Soil Conditions

The continuous glass fibers of FiberMax FRP deliver exceptional strength and stiffness. Even when faced with poor soil conditions, FiberMax Outrigger Pads provide the rigidity, strength, and support you can trust.

Tough, Longlasting and Durable

FiberMax Outrigger Pads have a 20+ year lifespan and are impervious to water, chemicals, and ultraviolet light. These DICA pads are also easy to handle while providing the engineered rigidity and strength your most demanding environments require.

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Which DICA Pad is Right for Me?

FiberMax Outrigger Pads

FiberMax Outrigger Pads are specifically designed to provide operators with maximum strength and rigidity.

If extreme rigidity is needed or when the performance you can get in a SafetyTech Pad means more thickness and weight than you want, FiberMax Outrigger Pads are a great choice.

SafetyTech Outrigger Pads

SafetyTech Outrigger Pads are specifically designed to provide opertors with exceptional ergonomic safety and reliable load distribution.

If you have a situation that requires extra rigidity or you need less weight than a 3″ or 4″ Super Duty SafetyTech Pad provides, FiberMax Outrigger Pads are a great choice.



  • Mobile Cranes
  • Hi-Lift Aerials
  • Digger Derricks
  • Boom Trucks


• 20+ Year Lifespan
• Hi-Viz TuffGrip® Handles
• Waterproof and Chemical Resistant
• Industrial Grade Safety Texturing

• Will Not Rot or Wear Out
• Significantly Stronger & Lighter than Wood
• Engineered for Maximum Strength & Rigidity
• Provides Support Even in Poor Soil Conditions



Q. What size outrigger pad do I need?
Call 800-610-3422 or click here to provide your contact information. We’ll ask a few basic questions about your equipment, current products and results you’re seeing. Our team will detail the best options for you based on your equipment, application, and desired results.

Q. What are FiberMax Outrigger Pads made of?
FiberMax Outrigger Pads are made of Fiber-Reinforce Polymers (FRP).  This is a composite material made of a vinylester polymer that is reinforced with specially designed fiberglass.

Q. Are there any chemicals to avoid when using FiberMax Outrigger Pads?
No.  This is one of the significant advantages of fiberglass materials.  These same materials are used in the most corrosive environments in the world and will outperform wood crane pads in the most common situations.  Nothing encountered on a typical job site will have any effect on the fiberglass materials used in FiberMax Outrigger Pads.

Q. What is the expected lifetime of FiberMax Outrigger Pads in wet or dry environments?
Wet or dry environments have no effect on our fiberglass materials and will not limit their service life.  The same material is utilized for applications in submerged salt water and extremely dry desert environments. The typical failure of these pads would be from damage during handling.  You can expect 20+ years of service life from FiberMax Outrigger Pads. 

Q. Are FiberMax Outrigger Pads susceptible to UV deterioration?
UV will not affect the structural integrity of the crane mats for at least 40 years. The resins in the crane mats have UV inhibitors that greatly slow UV degradation. We also apply a secondary coating that also has extremely good UV stabilization.

Q. How do FiberMax Outrigger Pads compare to wood outrigger pads?
Wood is a natural material with a very high absorption rate. Due to absorption, wood fibers will splinter crack and break and have large variations of strength, stiffness, and reliability under pressure. All of which leads to unsafe conditions.  In comparison, FiberMax Outrigger Pads constructed of FiberReinforced Polymers are virtually impervious to absorption and have reliable molecular, strength and stiffness properties. 

Q. What are the minimum and maximum temperature operational ranges of FiberMax Outrigger Pads?
-40°F to 131°F / -40C to +55C.  FiberMax Outrigger Pads will work outside this range, but there will begin to be a reduction in performance.  Please contact us if this is a concern for you. 

Q. Do your outrigger pads conduct electricity or create static electricity?
No. please see our usage and inspection guidelines page.

Q. I’ve heard you sometimes recommend neoprene under your crane pads, why?
Neoprene is a fantastic solution for all of our load distribution products.  It allows our products to flex a little on hard surfaces which allows for significantly improved load distribution.


DICA’s new 1″ thick FiberMax Pads are the cats ass! 1″ thickness seems to be the perfect blend of manageable weight and good stiffness. These pads are bulletproof; a very hard material with no noticeable flex. I have zero concern about them standing up over time. Thanks again for a fantastic product, super happy with the pads!!!. Scott Sutherland, AJ’s Concrete Pumping

Our new FiberMax Outrigger Pads are working out really well. Our site basically consisted of a soil compaction C. I really tested the pads, constant crane relocation. Heavy lift set up, trying to stabilize the ground to support all of the gross load weights. These pads made my job a lot easier and safer. I was able to reduce my set up and tear down time by at least an hour per set up working by myself, and even faster when I had the convenience of a crew working with me. – Anthony Boyd, US Army Corps of Engineers

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