Ground Protection Mats to Help You Avoid Getting Stuck

Prevent Rut Damage  •  Save Time & Money •  Work in Wet Conditions

“We love the performance, quality and weight of your mats!”

Jason Brady

A Better Ground Protection Mat

The Engineered Difference

AlturnaMATS® Ground Protection Mats virtually eliminate equipment becoming stuck or causing rut damage. Constructed of 0.5″ thick engineered high-density plastic, AlturnaMATS ground mats are an ideal solution to the expensive problem of repeatedly replacing expensive plywood sheets or repairing ruts.

Savings and Performance

Plywood sheets break and splinter easily and provide almost no traction, especially in wet and muddy conditions. AlturnaMATS Ground Protection Mats for heavy equipment eliminate recurring plywood replacement costs, expensive turf repair and their aggressive tread pattern delivers excellent traction.

Unbeatable Strength

AlturnaMATS® lawn protection mats easily support up to 120 tons and can be linked together to build temporary roadways, walkways, work platforms or parking areas. AlturnaMATS lawn protection mats are available in black or clear color options.

Ergonomic Accessories

Turn-A-Links provide secure connections that enable AlturnaMATS ground protection mats to be linked together in order to create stable roadways or working platforms. Constructed of solid steel and measuring 3.0′ long, Handi-Hooks provide a safe and efficient way to move your plastic construction mats.

The Best Ground Protection Mat for You


AlturnaMATS heavy equipment mats protect the ground against vehicle traffic and feature a diamond plate tread design on both sides. These turf protection mats can be ordered standard (Std), smooth on one side (S1), or smooth on both sides (S2).

The one-sided traction option (S1) for AlturnaMATS is ideal for crews wanting to prevent traction imprints or to allow the mats to easily slide on and off one another for storage.


VersaMATS have a flat, slip-resistant tread on one side and AlturnaMATS diamond plate tread design on the opposite, allowing for pedestrian and equipment use. VersaMATS can also be ordered smooth on one side (S1). 

The one-sided traction option (S1) for VersaMATS is ideal for crews wanting to prevent traction imprints or to allow the mats to easily slide on and off one another for storage.



  • Loaders
  • Aerial Lifts
  • Concrete Pumpers
  • Pick Up Trucks & Trailers


  • Diamond Tread Pattern both Sides
  • Waterproof and Chemical Resistant
  • Easily Supports up to 120 Tons
  • Available in Black or Clear
  • Traction is available on 1 side only
  • Available Hardware for Linking Mats



  • Wheelbarrows
  • Dolly’s
  • Walking Paths
  • Vehicles


  • Waffle Tread Pattern on one side, Diamond Tread on opposing
  • Easily Supports up to 120 Tons
  • Waterproof and Chemical Resistant
  • Available in Black, White or Clear
  • Traction is available on 1 side only
  • Available Hardware for Linking Mats


The mats are great! We’ve been using your product for years and they are worth every penny – and now that plywood is through the roof, they pay off even more. – Nick Thies, Boring Brothers, Inc.

These mats are awesome! -Caleb Bradbury, Washington Commerical Painters

They worked great! Our grounds crew was really pleased! We used them to access an area light surrounded by a lot of manicured turf. With the mats, you can’t even tell now that we were out there! Without them, we would have had some nasty ruts!Scotty Mabe, Richmond Community College

We got the mats (AlturnaMATS) a few weeks back and finally got an opportunity to use them this week. They worked great! We are really pleased with the quality and how well they protect the ground. Mike Olig, Rienze Cemetery

We’re using the (AlturnaMATS) ground protection mats on our first project and my foreman has indicated we should have used them years ago. They’re easier to move with the dragging handles, no strain. Before it took a lot of effort moving the plywood, as a lot of the time it was water soaked. The ground was left undisturbed after using a 23,000 lbs. man lift on a high-end office complex.Michael P. Larkin, Larkin Contracting, L.L.C.

Your ground protection mats work great!! We used to buy plywood for this work, but no longer. AlturnaMATS have saved us lots of money and they work even better!– Joe Downey, River Bay Corp.

We have used your ½”x 4’x8’ DICA AlturnaMATS on all of our jobs where little or no disturbance is required. The mats stayed in place and don’t fall apart like plywood. The white mats do seem to help with keeping the heat down under the mats. I am not sure how many thousands of dollars we spent on plywood, but the mats have paid for themselves already! Several people were amazed at the piles of material that were staged with little or no damage to the lawn. I would recommend your ground protection mats to anyone.– Jason Buck, Drost Landscape

The guys love them (AlturnaMATS). They sure do help out when they need to get off the road and not have to worry about getting stuck.– Scott Tomlin,Dominion Virginia Power

It has been a very wet March with the snow melting and the rain setting in. With these mats (AlturnaMATS) we are doing things that we would definitely not be doing without them this time of year. Money well spent!– Aaron Huffman Huffman Tree Company LLC

We have been using these ground protection mats non-stop! They’re a well-engineered product that does what you say it does. Keeping up with the heavy workload they’re continually being battered and banged around. Not one time have they failed to do the job! Thank you, for all your time getting us set up with such a superior product.– Paula K. Toohey, The Illuminating Company

The ground protection mats are working just as expected. We transported 50 yards of dirt, 30 tons of roadbase, and 45 half pallets of pavers across them in a two week period and today the client is mowing the area of turf as if nothing happened. So the AlturnaMATS have paid for themselves on the first job. Look at the invoice for the mats I bought and compare that to the $3,700 I would have charged the client for re-sod of the traffic area. Pretty cool!– Jonathan Medina, Gardner Turf & Tree

Your ground protection mats are a great addition to our operation. They allow us access to job sites that otherwise wouldn’t be accessible due to wet weather conditions. Without these mats, it would cost us an entire day of revenue and costly restoration expenses. They’ve been a job saver! – Jamie, Owner of Precision Underground

I have found your ground protection mats “bridge’ very well over sand. I run a hard rubber tired 4-ton boom lift on them over fine sand and have not had ANY problems. We used to use very heavy 3×12 timbers that were very difficult to move by hand for this.– Pat Dedmon, Mining Technician

The ground protection mats showed up in a timely manner and were put to work within a few days. I have used them for stump grinding, tree trimming and tree removal. They add time to a job to set up and move but are worth every penny spent and energy used!– Peter Zegel, A Ceder Oak Landscaping

We had a muddy mess of a project that was giving us fits. After getting stuck twice, we placed the mats down over 10” deep ruts along a muddy path and walked right over the mud hole and into the staging area of the project. These mats work great! We could not be happier!Bryan Vaughan, Vaughan’s Tree Service, Inc.


AlturnaMATS protect against vehicle traffic and feature a diamond plate tread design on both sides. VersaMATS feature a flat, slip-resistant tread design on one side and the AlturnaMATS diamond plate tread design on the opposite, allowing for combined foot traffic and equipment use.

3×8 and 4×8 ground protection mats are the most common. 3×8’s are easier to move while 4×8’s provide more coverage. If you have additional questions, please call us with and we can make a specific recommendation.

Standard delivery time is 4 weeks. During early spring and fall, that lead times can be 4-6 weeks.

The yard mats for trucks will be shipped as freight and require a forklift to unload. If a forklift is not available a lift gate can be pre-ordered for a small additional fee.

Yes, all ground mats for heavy equipment can be ordered standard, smooth on one side or even smooth on both sides.

Yes, but be advised the equipment mats will be very slick in wet conditions and will have limited traction if used over elevation changes.

Yes, VersaMATS are designed with a flat, slip-resistant tread design on one side that is ideal for walking. The opposite side comes standard with the AlturnaMATS diamond plate tread or it can be ordered smooth (no traction).

These mud mats for sale are 0.5″ thick.

No, handholds can be added.

The traction mats for heavy equipment are easiest to stack and remove if one side has the VersaMATS traction or if a side is smooth. Either option allows mats to easily slide over each other.

Yes, if left for more than a few hours in the hot sun. Clear mats provide exceptional protection against turf burn.

Yes, clear (they look white) mud mats for heavy equipment, which are excellent at preventing turf burn.

No, doing so voids the warranty.

Yes, please see our warranty page.

Yes, Turn-A-Link fasteners are an accessory item. They make it possible to create roadways or work platforms by securely linking the mats together.

Please see our ground protection mats product page and follow the product information link to either AlturnaMATS or VersaMATS.

Handi-Hooks make it easy to move AlturnaMATS or VersaMATS. Constructed of solid steel and measuring 3.0″ long, these“T” handled tools provide a safe and efficient way to move your mats.

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