Advanced Engineering

DICA products are designed to provide solutions that improve safety for your people, equipment, business and customers.

To provide solutions for complex problems like load distribution, durability, ergonomics and ease of use, we use advanced engineering, materials, physical testing and FEA modeling.

This approach allows DICA products like our outrigger pads for cranes to reliably perform in a wide range of environments and applications and allows them to last longer than the normal life of the equipment they support. That’s safety you can trust every day.

Sizing Accuracy

DICA’s three step fitting process is designed to help determine the outrigger pads or crane pads that will serve you best.

Selecting the correct material, thickness and construction is critical to ensuring that you have the proper strength, rigidly and area to support and distribute loads.

DICA uses sizing methods specific to our products. They are based on actual outrigger reaction forces and ground conditions (ground bearing capacity) to help you select the best product for your equipment and application.

Professional Service

The DICA team is here to identify and meet your needs with products, information and support and go the extra mile whenever you need it.

We’re not just here to sell products like outrigger pads for cranes (as important as that is). We’re here to partner with you and provide the information and products you need to be successful.

When it comes to safety, – honestly, why take chances? Lives are precious, equipment is expensive and your reputation is too important to risk with second tier products. Your safety deserves the expert assistance DICA provides.