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Patented SafetyTech RV jacks pads are guaranteed unbreakable and will easily prevent your RV jacks from sinking into soft ground. SafetyTech RV leveling jack pads are industrial strength, not cheap plastic that may look like DICA RV jack pads but can break easily after minimal use.

DICA camper jack pads will not break, splinter, warp or wear out, they can also easily and safely be stacked to provide leveling height.

Our RV jack pads provide unmatched strength, stiffness and reliability. Constructed of an engineered space-age thermoplastic material, these RV stabilizer pads deliver an incredible crush rating of 150 psi and a rated capacity of 50,000 lbs.

If you need an unbreakable and permanent RV stabilizer pad solution, SafetyTech RV jack pads are for you.

  • Guaranteed Unbreakable
  • Made in the USA
  • 3 Standard Sizes

What Size RV Jack Pad Do I Need?

Standard SafetyTech RV jack pads are available in three sizes; 12″, 15″ and 18″ squares, all are 0.75″ thick.

If your primary need is to prevent the RV stabilizer jack pad from penetrating the ground surface, a camper jack pad model that is roughly 3 times the area of your leveling foot is typically best.

If you need to prevent your RV stabilizer jack pad from penetrating the ground and need sufficient height to level your RV, stacking multiple jack pads or using thicker products from our 1.0″ or 2.0″ line of SafetyTech outrigger pads are excellent options.

Call 800-610-3422 today for quality camper stabilizer jacks and RV jack stands. Our experts and easy 3 step fitting process will help determine the best RV leveling jack pads for you.



RV-quoteErgonomic TuffGrip® Handles – Standard on All SafetyTech Jack Pads

  • Guaranteed unbreakable
  • Comfortable and waterproof
  • UV, hydraulic fluid and road chemical resistant
  • Rigidity, shape and length reduces tripping hazards and makes for easy placement and retrieval under your coach.
  • High visibility safety orange.

Personalization Options – Protect Your Investment

  • ID Stamping is available on all RV jack pad models.
  • Custom Engraving is available on all RV jack pad models.



Do you operate the following with leveling jacks or jack stands? RV Jack Pads are likely the best fit for you.

  • Towable RV’s
  • Type A Motorhome
  • Type B Motorhome
  • Type C Motorhome
  • OTR Trailers
  • Other leveling jack or jack stand enabled equipment.


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  • RV Jack Pads
    Best for Type A, B & C motorhomes and towable RVs.

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RV Jack Pads



Great product, the pad footprint is large enough that the RV jack pads are easily placed under the jacks. I love how the handle attached to the pads making it very simple to retrieve when getting ready to leave a campsite.  Thanks for all your help in picking the perfect pads for my application.
Tom Hopkins

Your RV jack pads are working out very well for us!  I believe we made the best decision and look forward to them servicing us for many years.
Rosanne Pruitt

I’ve had the same DICA RV Jack Pads for 10 years and they work great!  New motorhome, same pads.
– Mark Hecht

I just wanted to let you know, how happy I am, that I purchased the DICA RV Jack pads. It has made my motorhome set up easy, quick and very safe.  Leveling the motor home was also much easier as the jacks all had stable seating. I actually felt safer using my new DICA RV jack pads. I would highly recommend this product to all motorhome owners. Thanks for such a great product, and all your help in deciding which pads to purchase.
Bill Clews

We just got back from a trip. We used the RV jack pads at each stop. They are easy to use and we could not be happier with their performance.
– Jane Schlitt

Your RV jack pads have been great. It is so nice not to have to worry about them flexing, easy to clean which also means less risk of unwanted travelers hitching a ride in the camper.
Goeff Shalard

These outrigger pads are absolutely the best things since sliced bread!  The best pads I’ve ever used or seen. I use them as jack pads on a very large and heavy class A Motorhome and they work great.  In fact, I’d like to order additional set of 4 to carry with me. Some RV sites are so unleveled that sometimes I’d like to stack a couple of them to give the jacks a hand.
Tom Zumlin

 I appreciated all your personal attention to my order and your assistance in helping me select the right RV jack pads. I was ready to go with the competition but because you engaged me in the “live Chat” session I changed my mind and went with your product.
Jay Wright

The RV Jack Pads worked great. They arrived a few hours before I reached my Grandparents house. In the past, I used a few 2×8’s and I would have to stack them at least two high to make up for the distance they would sink into the wet ground once the RV jacks started to load up. This year, I didn’t have to play building blocks. A lot safer and easier and they did not sink any.

I’ve used your RV Jack Pads several times and I’m satisfied with how well they work.  I’m currently set up at a state park outside of New Orleans.  The pad is asphalt and low in the back so the rear jacks are really loaded with the wheels almost off the ground.  In 24 hours, I’ve experienced no deflection.  In previous visits to this same park I’ve not been able to level the bus because of punch through.  With the DICA RV Jack Pads this has been solved.
– Claude

A gentleman wanted to know where I got my RV Jack Pads and I referred him to your company and will gladly do so in the future. Your RV Jack pads are quality and work where most do not. Thank you for making a good and guaranteed product here in the USA.
Billy Short Sr.

3 Signs You Need SafetyTech RV Jack Pads
rv jack pads

Tired of damaged leveling jacks or parking surfaces? Eliminate those concerns with an RV jack pad solution that won’t break.

ground protection mats

Ever gotten hopelessly stuck? SafetyTech Jack Pads provide load distribution you can trust for the lifetime of your camper, RV or trailer.

ground protection mats

Pre-packaged jack pads are inexpensive the first time. But by the second and third, are they really worth the headache and repeated expense?

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