DICA ProStack Cribbing

ProStack Interlocking Cribbing Debuts at Conexpo-Con/Agg

DICA’s new ProStack™ Cribbing debuted at ConExpo-Con/Agg 2017 to huge success. The interlocking design safely provides height under outrigger floats when setting up in uneven ground conditions. The unique three-part system includes a base outrigger pad, interlocking cribbing blocks, and a high friction grip pad. It is rated for outrigger loads up to 110,000 pounds.

DICA ProStack Cribbing

ProStack Cribbing consists of a engineered base outrigger pad, cribbing blocks and top grip pad.

“ConExpo show attendees repeatedly commented that they had never seen anything like this system before, which is the industry’s first integrated and engineered outrigger pad and cribbing block solution,” said Kris Koberg, CEO. Adjusting height for uneven ground conditions no longer means crews must stack wood timbers or other materials found around the job site.

A recent article by Tony Brooks, published on safetowork.com/au, underscores the inherent problems with using timber as a support tool. Brooks, who works in Mining and Industrial Trade Safety, says: “I’m frustrated to see companies still putting their workers at risk by using inefficient and dangerous random pieces of timber. The fact is, timber is not a support tool.”

“While dunnage and blocks made of timber have traditionally been used for jacking, cribbing and blocking in industrial applications, these products are not engineered as fit-for-purpose tools for supporting machinery and equipment when carrying out assembly, repairs and maintenance tasks,” he says.

The new ProStack product line boasts benefits that are hallmarks of DICA products: Strong and ergonomic, impervious to environmental conditions, and manufactured from quality engineered materials.

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