The TrainSmart Pole Barrier System is a 100% maintenance free engineered pole barrier system that will not fade, splinter or degrade in any way.

TrainSmart Pole Barriers and bases easily separate allowing for hassle free transport, setup, breakdown and storage.

Able to withstand the normal wear and tear pole barriers are exposed to on a daily basis. TrainSmart Pole Barriers won’t break, crack, chip or splinter.

Constructed with a high-strength engineered thermoplastic material, TrainSmart Pole Barriers are significantly lighter than wood, making these plastic pole barriers a safer option to carry and set.

Pole Barrier System Details

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The 100% Maintenance Free Pole Barrier Difference

Bottom line, TrainSmart saves you time and money.

No more dealing with pole barriers that need to frequently be repainted, repaired, hassled with and eventually thrown away.

There is a better way.

TrainSmart Pole Barriers were developed in conjunction with NCCCO to provide a 100% maintenance free, easy to use plastic pole barrier solution. It is fully approved and endorsed by NCCCO.

How they Work

  • TrainSmart pole barrier and bases easily separate and lock together for frustration free transport, assembly and disassembly.
  • The engineered thermoplastic bases and poles never require painting or maintenance of any kind.
  • Impervious to normal use, they won’t break, crack, chip or splinter.

TrainSmart Pole Barrier System

TrainSmart Pole Barriers

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