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FiberMax crane pad technology was originally developed for vehicle bridges and is backed by extensive physical testing,  FEA modeling and in the field use.

DICA Icon FiberMax Crane Pads

Due to their significantly lighter weight, FiberMax crane pads frequently require one less truck and trailer per job, resulting in transportation savings every time they’re used.

DICA Icon FiberMax Crane Pads

A bi-directional sheer web design allows FiberMax crane pads to safely reduce ground bearing pressures with quantifiable engineered load distribution.

DICA Icon FiberMax Crane Pads

Users of FiberMax crane pads report savings of $500 to $5,000 per one-way trip based on distances travelled. Isn’t it time to radically improve your bottom line?

Crane Pad Details

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The DICA Crane Pad Difference

FiberMax crane pads provide better strength, durability, and transportation cost savings than either wood or steel crane mats.

FiberMax is engineered to provide maximum strength and rigidity for cranes with lifting capacities up to 600 tons. With crush ratings up to 1000 psi and rated capacities of up 375,000 lbs., FiberMax pads provide the same strength properties as steel crane outrigger pads but can weigh up to 70% less. This significant weight difference delivers huge transportation savings on every job.

DICA FiberMax Crane Outrigger Pads are available in 3D Lift Plan.

  • Available in 3D Lift Plan
  • Huge Transportation Cost Savings
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership
  • 20+ Year Lifespan
  • Made in the USA

Inside a FiberMax Crane Pad

The bi-directional shear web design in a FiberMax crane pad was originally developed for vehicle bridges. This crane mat design is what allows FiberMax to distribute concentrated loads over large areas and safely reduce ground bearing pressures.

Available Models

FiberMax crane mat thicknesses include; 6.0″, 6.75″ HD, 10.0″ and 12.0″ models. The 6.75 HD crane mats for sale provide higher crush ratings and maximum rated capacities than the 6.0″ models, without having to move up to a 10.0″ model. This saves you height and weight on the job site and provides significant savings in initial purchase and on-going transportation cost savings.

What DICA Does For Us

We are using the FiberMax on our new Liebherr and the operator and crew couldn’t be happier. The reason is that they are easy to handle, the provide confidence and look professional. We also like that they weigh half as much as our wood and steel plated crane pads. -Joe Estep, Connelly Crane Rental

What Size Crane Pad Do You Need?

The size of your crane pad is dependent on your equipment type/specifications and the soil bearing capacity.

The need to account for your soil bearing capacity as well as load is done using our easy 3 step fitting system. This industry-leading system provides you with a recommendation that includes the area and thickness your composite crane mats require to function safely. See our 10 tips for a successful crane setup for more information on crane outrigger pad sizing.


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Patent Information

  • US Patent No. 9,670,639

Availability & Sizing
FiberMax crane pads are available as a solution in 13 standard options. They are designed for equipment typically 100+ tons or requires 20 sq. ft to 100 sq. ft of foundation area.

All FiberMax crane pads are designed so that oversize load permits are not required.

Radical Design

  • Bi-Directional Sheer Web Design
  • Float placement target
  • J-Hooks, Crosby® lifting points, D-rings or stack & pin rigging options
  • Non-slip wear surface
  • Corner safety striping
  • Impervious to chemicals and water
  • Optional static dissipation strip
  • Optional angled corner cribbing

Radical Performance

  • Huge transportation cost savings
  • Weigh up to 70% less than steel crane pads
  • Supports high-capacity cranes
  • Engineered for a variety of soil bearing conditions – including poor soil
  • Eliminates recurring rental costs
  • 20+ Year Lifespan
  • Will Not Rot, Delaminate or Degrade
  • Replaces wood crane pads and steel crane pads

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Do you use the following 100+ ton equipment? FiberMax Crane Pads are likely the best fit for you, depending on your ground conditions.

  • Rough Terrain Cranes
  • All Terrain Cranes
  • Military Cranes
  • Hi-Lift Aerials
  • Other equipment requiring 20 sq. ft. to 100 sq. ft of foundation area


  • Crush Rating – Limits the amount of pressure that can be placed on a pad to prevent potential shear failure or functional bending failure.
  • Max Rated Capacity – The maximum force that can be applied to the pad for warranty purposes.

Product Sheets

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FiberMax Crane Pads for Mobile Cranes

FiberMax Crane Pad Rating Plates

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We are using the FiberMax Crane Pads on our new Liebherr and the operator and crew couldn’t be happier. Their reason is that they are easy to handle, confidence in the product and they look professional. We also like that they weigh half as much as our wood/steel plated crane pads.

I will admit when I received the quote I was a little sticker shocked until I started to calculate what I have spent on the wood mats that last only a couple years, adding the steel plates and the labor to do so. The FiberMax Pads with their ease of handling, lightweight, professional look, confidence, and longevity are going to pay for themselves in just a few years.

The customer service you receive from DICA is outstanding. They are always there to answer any question you have. We also use their SafetyTech Outrigger Pads on some of our smaller cranes and the operators say they are outstanding. We will definitely be continuing our relationship with DICA. -Joe Estep, Connelly Crane Rental

Our operators love the crane pads! It gives us confidence and our customers peace of mind when we have to make a max pick. When we know the crane is setup on an engineered pad and solid ground the operator is not constantly watching his outrigger but can focus his attention on the lift taking place. This one set of pads has proven so valuable to us that we are looking at another 4 sets of crane pads. – Ronnie Wagstaff, Wagstaff Crane

We’ve used 4×4 crane pads and 6×6 timbers with steel plate on top. They got old and from being wet, started rotting in the center. FiberMax crane pads give you a lot of confidence. It makes you feel better when you’re up there and you’ve got a bunch of people down here counting on you. -JJ Southwest Industrial Rigging

FiberMax crane pads deliver exceptional performance not only because of their ground load ratings but also for their lightweight and ease of handling which equals lower transportation costs. – Maverick Black

The DICA crane pads are working great in our crane service fleet. The provide easy transport and storage onboard our cranes. Allows a quick set up in the busy West Philadelphia streets. – James Cassalia, CMC Equipment Rental

I recently received a new set of 4’x6’x4″ DICA crane pads. I will say at first I was unsure of the lightweight yellow pad.  Prior to, I was using 5’x7’x8″ white oak crane pads. Wood was all we’ve ever used so I’ve never really given it much thought there could be something better. The biggest problem we had with the wood crane pads was the weight. A set of four weigh around 10,500 lbs. They were effective but heavy and hard to handle. When we received the DICA crane pads, I really felt they were too thin. Much to my surprise they turned out to be as strong as they are yellow. I quickly found my crane, once leveled stayed level. No more bowing or sinking on one side like when using wood pads. I’m sold on the DICA crane pads, a set of four weigh just over 1,600 lbs.  The new pads have freed up more weight and space on my rigging trailer for other things I need. I am completely sold on these crane pads, thanks DICA! – Greg Ormund, Southern Crane


Q. What size crane pad do I need?
Please see our start your fitting page.

Q. Are there any chemicals to avoid when using FiberMax crane pads?
No.  This is one of the significant advantage of fiberglass materials.  These same materials are used in the most corrosive environments in the world and will outperform steel crane pads and wood crane pads in the most common situations.  Nothing encountered on a typical job site will have any effect on the fiberglass materials used in FiberMax crane pads.

Q. What is the expected lifetime of FiberMax crane pads in a wet or dry environments?
Wet or dry environments have no affect on our fiberglass materials and will not limit their service life.  The same material is utilized for applications in submerged salt water and extremely dry desert environments. The typical failure of these pads would be from damage during handling.  You can expect 20+ years of service life from FiberMax crane pads. 

Q. Are FiberMax crane pads susceptible to UV deterioration?
UV will not affect the structural integrity of the mats for at least 40 years. The resins in the crane pads have UV inhibitors that greatly slow UV degradation. We also apply a secondary coating that also has extremely good UV stabilization.

Q. What ability do FiberMax crane pads have to resist damage caused by point loading from rocks, crawler tracks or forklifts impacting the sides?
It’s best to minimize rocks on the crane pad surface or underside to prevent the potential for point load damage. To protect the pads from the abrasion of crawler tracks, we apply Matacyrl as a wear surface.  The Matacyrl is made of aluminum oxide and is applied in a 3/8” thickness to the top surface of the pad.  It has very good crushing resistance and holds up well to crawler tracks.   A protective steel frame around the entire perimeter of the crane mat prevents forks from damaging or penetrating the interior.

Q. What is inside the FiberMax crane pad?
An internal bi-directional I-beam network encased in closed cell foam.

Q. What makes FiberMax crane pads work at such a reduced weight?
The solid laminate surface, internal bi-directional I-beam network and closed cell foam are the major components. They deliver the performance that allows the pads to weigh up to 60% less weight than wood crane pads or steel crane pads – while being just as strong. This technology was originally developed  and used for vehicle bridges.

Q. Are additional lifting hardware options available for FiberMax crane pads?
Yes, Crosby® lifting points, D-rings, and stack & pin options are available in addition to standard J-Hooks.

Q. Will my FiberMax crane pads ship regular freight or flatbed?
We work with you to determine the best freight method for your shipment.

Q. Are all FiberMax crane pads individually load tested?
FiberMax crane pads have undergone extensive independent physical testing at North Carolina State University, the results have been built into our specific FEA models. Individual pads are not load tested as part of the manufacturing process.  

Q. Can our company name be added to FiberMax crane pads?
Yes, your company name will be added to the rating plate on each FiberMax crane pad. Please call us for additional personalizations needs.

Q. What are the minimum and maximum temperature operational ranges of FiberMax crane pads?
-40°F to 131°F / -40C to +55C.  FiberMax crane pads will work outside this range, but there will begin to be a reduction in performance.  Please contact us if this is a concern for you.

Q. Are FiberMax crane pads subject to creep?
Fiberglass materials are typically not subject to creep unless under high temperature (much higher than the operating range detail) and high loads.

Q. Are there any grounds for replacement?
Yes, please see our warranty page for replacement information.

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DICA makes fitting as easy as 1, 2, 3!
step1_DICA_outrigger pads

The customer provides DICA with the equipment specifications of make, model, maximum outrigger reaction force and float dimensions.

step2_DICA_outrigger pads

DICA determines the appropriate outrigger pad or crane pad thickness based on the equipment specifications.

step3_DICA_outrigger pads

The area of the pad is selected based on projected ground conditions, application and customer need.

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