DICA_Vertikal Days

DICA Debuts at UK Vertikal Days

In May, DICA participated in Vertikal Days, an exhibition of the lifting industry’s latest products. Held May 24-25 in the United Kingdom, Silverstone, Northamptonshire, the show featured equipment displays of cranes, aerial work platforms, and telescopic handlers from more than 120 exhibitors.

DICA showcased its revolutionary FiberMax® Crane Pads. Engineered for use with high-capacity cranes, the fiber reinforced polymer pads are as strong as steel but weigh up to 70% less.

DICA_Vertikal Days

DICA’s FiberMax Crane Pads made their U.K. debut in May at VertiKal Days.

“The fleet managers and owners working in construction, crane rental hire, and utilities that we talked to at the show placed great emphasis on understanding load dynamics and ground conditions,” said Kerry Koberg, Strategic Accounts Manager. “UK and European equipment users are familiar with using outrigger pads under outriggers when setting up equipment, but few of them had seen anything like FiberMax,” he said of DICA’s debut at the show.

DICA_Vertikal Days

Vertical Days is one of the largest equipment shows in the U.K. featuring the lifting industry’s latest products.

Able to provide a strong and stable setup for cranes with capacity up to 600 tons, FiberMax Crane Pads are engineered to have crush ratings of up to 1,000 psi. FiberMax thicknesses include 6.0″, 6.75″ HD, 10.0″ and 12.0″ models. The 6.75 HD pads provide higher crush ratings and maximum rated capacities than the 6.0″ models without having to move up to a 10.0″ model. This saves height and weight, translating to transportation cost savings.

“Many attendees shared their focus on having a strong safety culture and a willingness to invest in engineered solutions. FiberMax Crane Pads and our customer-friendly fitting process will help crane users select the right crane pad for the application,” said Koberg.