DICA Outrigger Pads

DICA now on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn

DICA got its start by talking with and listening to the customer. Our founder, Dick Koberg, wasn’t even in the outrigger pad business, but as a representative for fiberglass utility bodies, he listened when a customer asked him, “Can you build me a better outrigger pad?”

That’s the question that got it all started. The dialog continues, but the way we communicate with our customers is evolving. It’s no surprise that social media is integral to maintaining successful customer relationships today.

DICA Outrigger Pads

Find the latest from DICA where ever you prefer to Tweet, Like or Follow.

DICA recently renewed its social media efforts with updated Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn platforms. There, we are sharing industry news, safety tips and reminders, company and product updates, behind-the-scenes looks at DICA, and our customer’s success stories.

Many of our products today were born out of this ongoing dialog with equipment users who are looking for a better way. Just one example is FiberMax Crane Pad Owner’s Manuals which are now standard. Your input matters to us. Now you can stay up to date on foundational support issues, share, and comment on our posts. Or, if you have a suggestion for something we should write about, let us know.

Find the latest from DICA where ever you prefer to Tweet, Like or Follow!