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JHam Consulting to Present Crane Assembly and Disassembly Checklists at Conexpo-Con/Agg

There are ten education tracks slated this year for Conexpo-Con/Agg. Of the ten, the Crane, Rigging and Aerial Lifts track, will feature many worthwhile sessions. Be sure to check out Crane Assembly and Disassembly Checklists, presented by Jeff Hammons, President of JHam Group Consulting.

JHam Consulting

Seeking ways to strengthen safety cultures will be a key focus for many at the 2017 Conexpo-Con/Agg Show.

Hammons is a crane safety and risk management expert, who has nearly 30 years of experience working for major crane rental and transportation companies. JHam Group helps contractors and crane rental companies shape safety culture and implement operational risk management procedures.

DICA asked Jeff Hammons to weigh in on the role of outrigger pads in crane assembly and setup. Here’s a preview what you’ll hear in Las Vegas.

What are the key learning objectives of your presentation?

JH: 1) Know how to select the appropriate crane for the job; 2) Understand site preparation and pre-delivery inspection requirements; and 3) Know pre- and post-assembly roles and why everyone should be involved.

What role should the use of outrigger pads or crane mats have in everyday crane assembly and setup?   

JH: It’s the ONLY professional way to set up equipment.  As a crane operator in the field he/she has to make best assessment of ground bearing allowances and ground conditions along with what OSHA requires the Controlling Entity to provide. Support materials (i.e. Outrigger pads, etc.) are and should be best practices to always allow for displacement of equipment ground bearing pressures. Always control the things you can control!  

In what way has OSHA increased attention on proper crane setup in recent regulations? 

JH: OSHA has assigned specific requirements to a Controlling Entity for diligence associated with crane area preparations to assist the crane professionals in setting equipment up safely.

Are there common misunderstandings regarding ground conditions, ground bearing pressure, load displacement, etc., that are important to clarify to operators?  

JH: The fundamental key is knowing what the manufacturer supplied outrigger float will displace worst case. Knowing the ground bearing pressure and using additional support material MUST be a best practice for success. Further, crane professionals must understand that OSHA and ASME provide for others, such as Controlling Entity and Lift Director, to help support proper crane area preparation, but it’s up to crane professionals to remain vigilant that proper ground preparation is completed prior to setting up the crane.

Find DICA at ConExpo

You can find DICA in Central Hall Booth C201571, where we will highlight SafetyTech® outrigger pads, and in Gold Lot Booth G4011, where we will feature FiberMax® crane pads.