Construction Managers are Concerned about Crane Safety

Nearly half of safety and health professionals working in construction are concerned about hazards associated with cranes, hoists, and other material handling equipment. According to a recent survey of construction safety pros conducted for Industrial Safety & Hygiene News, 46 percent say working with cranes is a top construction site hazard concern.

ISHN Construction eBook

ISHN Construction eBook

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Meanwhile, the 2017 State of Construction Management Report, produced by NoteVault, confirms that safety remains a top business priority followed closely by efficiency for construction managers.

That is certainly true for Crane Service Inc., serving Colorado, New Mexico, and Texas. Twelve years ago, the company was looking for a solution to replace wood spool reel ends and wood outrigger pads to provide proper load distribution for their cranes. They found their solution with DICA’s patented and industry leading SafetyTech Outrigger Pads.

While safety was the No. 1 priority, in the end, the crane rental company also discovered efficiency and productivity for their crews. When they switched from heavy wood square outrigger pads to lighter weight round SafetyTech Outrigger Pads, the reaction from their crane operators was immediate and positive.

“Our crews are happier because they see we are investing in tools that make life safer, simpler, and easier for them,” said Bob Warianka, Business Development Manager. “The crew likes that they are lighter weight than wood.”

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