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AJ’S Concrete Pumping

AJ’s Concrete Pumping of Vancouver, BC has been a trusted and valued partner of DICA for many years. Putzmeister has also enjoyed a great relationship with AJ’s and was recently onsite to capture their thoughts on their fleet of Putzmeister equipment.

The video also highlights the great people at AJ’s and the business they run. Give their video a look and we think you’ll agree, the team at AJ’s is doing some great stuff in the Vancouver area!

Over the years, to combat both the uneven mountainous and relatively flat and soft delta terrain in the region, AJ’s has added nearly every type of DICA product to their fleet to aid in their setups.

See below for photos from the team at AJ’s running their Putzmeister equipment on DICA ProStack Cribbing, FiberMax Dunnage Pads, and SafetyTech Outrigger Pads.

Sutherland Concrete_1

AJ’s Concrete Pumping using DICA ProStack Cribbing and SafetyTech Outrigger Pads to achieve a safe and level setup in mountainous BC terrain.

AJ's Concrete Pumping_Dunnage

When more stiffness is needed, AJ’s uses DICA’s FiberMax Dunnage Pads for extra strength and rigidity.

AJ's Concrete Pumping_Outrigger Pad Dunnage

SafetyTech Outrigger Pads have been providing support, stability and ergonomic safety for AJ’s Concrete Pumping since 2009.