DICA Outrigger Pad Catalog

NEW DICA Product Catalog Launched

DICA announces the availability of a new comprehensive product catalog featuring its SafetyTech Outrigger Pads, ProStack Cribbing, and FiberMax Crane Pads. Other products included in the catalog are Ground Protection Mats, Wheel Chocks and Brackets, and TrainSmart Pole Barriers.

DICA Outrigger Pads

“While our product lines have expanded dramatically over the last couple of years, our focus remains on how to help equipment operators make their setup safe. This new catalog is intended to simplify product comparison and selection,” said Kris Koberg, CEO.

SafetyTech Outrigger Pads in Medium, Heavy, and Super Duty models, feature a proprietary engineered thermoplastic formula that provides greater stiffness and strength. Special Duty models include Cavity Pad Plus, Sliding Shoe, and Hi-Viz models with unique features for specific applications.

Cavity Pad Plus features a 1” high footbrake with an interior beveled edge. The inverted bevel design traps the outrigger foot which prevents it from sliding off of the outrigger pad. It is often selected for utility industry applications.Cavity Pad Plus Outrigger Pads

Sliding Shoe Pads are designed for equipment with multi-position, self-leveling outriggers, as found on mini cranes and compact track lifts. Pads fit onto the outrigger feet and lock in place, so that the outrigger pads are exactly where you need them when the outrigger foot engages with the ground. This is an ideal product for the tree care industry.

Sliding Shoe Outrigger Pads

Hi-Viz Outrigger Pads, available in yellow or orange, are frequently used in electric utility applications.

Mega Duty FiberMax Crane Pads in 13 standard options are designed for cranes rated 100+ tons. Using technology originally developed for vehicle bridges, FiberMax crane foot pads delivers strength comparable to steel mats but that are significantly lighter weight.
FiberMax Crane PadsIn addition to crane foot pad product specifications, the catalog includes information on patents, the TuffGrip Handle system, upgrade and personalization options, recommendations for usage with certain types of equipment, and warranties. Request a quote to find out the prices of all out outrigger pads and other products.